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Applying the best modern technologies to solve real-life problems in the home, office, school and church, Mlondiem Technologies provides software, tech support and training services to equip our clients for optimal efficiency and productivity.
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IT Solutions

Desktop software, business productivity tools, IT systems integrations, technical support, network administration and general troubleshooting.

Web Development
Web Development

Online education and examination systems, web applications, corporate websites, personal websites, blogs, progressive web apps for mobile & PC.

Tech Training
Tech Training

Video Conferencing (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.), online lesson delivery (Google Classroom, Moodle), graphic design, audio/video capture & editing.

Graphic Design
Graphic Design

Corporate logos, company profiles, branding tools, event posters, adverts, reports, product packaging and labels.

Desktop Publishing
Desktop Publishing

Proof reading, typesetting, book cover design, magazines, newsletters, flyers and community news media.


Short advertising clips, audio/video editing, presentations, celebratory / event slides, audio books, video invites.


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