Desktop Publishing

Book authors have found our proof-reading and typesetting service quite resourceful. You can send us your content in simple text or Word format, and we adapt it for print with support for industry standards and sizes. We also offer expert advice for your entire project.

Your writing project need not be a burden to carry by yourself. All you need to provide is the content in simple text formats or Microsoft Word. Mlondiem does all the setting up and layout (typesetting) for you at the the size you require. With our tested experience in the industry, coupled with the right software tools and creative edge, we are the right team to take over your project and hand you a finished product that you will never forget.

If you require assistance with publishing, Mlondiem additionally offers recommendations and directions to publishers and other authors we have worked with over time. Whether you're on your first book or are a seasoned writer, you are in the right hands with us.