IT Solutions

Fully Customised Workflow Tools

We develop systems and tools that allow you to make the most of your time and resources. Our solutions are relevant in business office environments, churches, schools and personal spaces where efficiency and convenience are required.

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Web Development

Fully responsive web apps

At Mlondiem Technologies, we understand the need for anywhere-anytime access to the tools you need, as well as unlimited contact with your customers. We develop highly engaging web solutions to enhance your productivity and extend your reach.
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Tech Training

Best tech training for you

We offer specialised training, delivered in the comfort of your home or office, in response to current industry demand. And of course we answer to your direct requests as much as we can! From introductory computer training to Office productivity tools to conferencing and specialised software, we target our service to your precise need.
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Desktop Publishing

High Quality WYSIWYG

Book authors have found our proof-reading and typesetting service quite resourceful. You can send us your content in simple text or Word format, and we adapt it for print with support for industry standards and sizes. We also offer expert advice for your entire project.
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Graphic Design

Awesome & attractive designs

From your corporate identity (logos, letterhead, business cards, etc) to all your product packaging, event posters, invites, book covers and disc labels, we've got you just covered. Proper graphics are a must in all your marketing and communications material, so dont take chances, come with us.
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Clear videos & audios

We create professional commercials (audio for e.g online streaming or radio) and offer voice actor services for e.g audio books, narrations and voice overs. Other products include video invites, slide shows and professional presentations.
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